About your Lifepath #2 Man

This is definitely not your “macho” type of guy, because he is in touch with his feminine
side. You are attracted to a softer, gentler male. This is not to say your guy is weak
because he is strong but he gets what he wants by gently persuading rather than by

He is the romantic type who makes you feel like you are the center of his universe.
Expect candlelit dinners and flowers and romantic evenings with this guy. He wants to
be in love and be loved. He has an almost magical way of knowing exactly how you feel
and what you need as if he is reading your mind, and the truth is that he is very intuitive
and is probably doing just that.  

He is forever supportive of you whether it is with an encouraging word or endless
patience. He is cooperative and considerate. This is the kind of guy who would sit
through a “chick flick” just to make you happy, and he might even enjoy it as well. If you
are in the market for a healthy relationship, the 2 makes an excellent partner as they are
most affectionate and devoted. 2s do not want to be alone and need companionship in
order to be happy.

He is not a show-off, never aggressive, but more the type who stays in the background,
and, in some cases, 2s can be downright shy at times. He dislikes arguments and
would rather find a peaceful solution at all costs.

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