About your Lifepath #3 Man

The first time you meet your 3 Man, if you squint your eyes and look very closely, you may
perceive the faint hint of a spotlight aimed at him. You may even hear, if you listen
carefully, “Lights! Camera! Action! “ Your man is a born star and you are officially joining
his audience.

This guy has a great sense of humor and he can make the simplest stories fun and
entertaining. He has the gift of gab. He also enjoys being the center of attention. He is
the class clown, “Good Time Charlie” and Peter Pan all rolled into one. In fact, although
you might enjoy his childlike antics but not be totally convinced he is all done growing up.
Discipline is not in his vocabulary and he probably will create more messes than he is
worth and you will probably end up scolding him like the child he really is.

He likes his parties and being with his friends and can be a bit of a flirt so if you are the
jealous type, consider yourself warned.

Not so great with money and impulsive too, he would rather pay for a good time than the
electric bill. The good news is that he is lucky, lucky in love, life and lucky in opportunities
which will go a long way to make up for those bad money decisions.

When he is happy he is contagious and he will make you happy too. He is artistic and
creative and there will be never a dull moment with this guy.  

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