About your Lifepath #6 Man

The man born of a 6 Lifepath is a caring, loving man. His whole life centers on giving
love and caring for his friends and family. He is happy when the family is happy.
Chances are this guy comes from a big family and you will eventually learn that he will
be spending a lot of time with them. If you are so lucky as to eventually marry him, you
too, will become the object of his devoted love.  Simply put, he is the domestic type and
puts great value upon those he loves and devotes his time and energy to caring for
them. The 6 is a natural born nurturer and all heart. His love is committed and sincere.
He needs to be needed.  He also has a soft spot for those in trouble and loves to help.
He is a natural counselor.

Your guy has an abundance of artistic ability. He has a special talent with music but
perhaps has never had the time to develop it. Certainly he appreciates music and many
famous musicians and singers have a 6 prominently displayed in their chart.

Your 6 man is also gifted in the area of business and money does seem to flow into the
lives of 6 Lifepaths. He may very well put his heart and soul into a business and do very
well with it.  It is not unusual for a 6 to start a home-based business or a cottage
business.  Any business having to do with being around people would flourish for a 6 as
they have excellent people skills.

This guy is also born to be a parent and you will find that he has a real soft spot for
children. He is naturally gifted with them.  If you find yourself in love with a 6 Man,
consider yourself blessed if your greatest desire is to be loved. He is romantic and has
the inborn ability to make you feel deeply loved. He will do many thoughtful things to
remind you that he loves you.  Be sure to let him know he is appreciated for his efforts
because that is important to a 6. His weakness is flattery but that can be used to your
advantage if you want to make him happy.   All in all, if a cozy home with a white picket
fence and a brood of children is your dream, then you have found your Prince Charming
in this 6 man.

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