About your Lifepath #7 Man

You have a taste for the unusual and definitely admire a man with a big brain. Chances
are you enjoy a challenge too. The 7s of the world are not that easy to get to know and
even more so, not that easy to get on intimate terms with. They are not overly emotional
and tend to be analytical and quite rational in their approach to life. You sense that
underneath there is much more than meets the eye.  When he looks at you, you feel as
though he has stripped you naked and is looking into your very soul.

His intent gaze has left nothing unnoticed as his powers of observation far exceed
those of mere mortal men. He has an air of mystery about him you
can’t quite put your finger on. He may seem quiet and reserved at first, but if the
conversation turns to a subject he is interested in, suddenly you see a whole different
side of him. He becomes animated and speaks with such intelligence and authority.
His big brain is showing. Truth is, your 7 man is pure intellect and a class act. 7s are
more refined than most men and he has impeccable manners and taste and you can
bet he appreciates that quality in you as well. For him it is quality over quantity as he
would rather have one fine possession than a room full of inferior things.

He needs his space. Do not be offended if he chooses to spend the evening alone
rather than in your company. Truth is, 7s do a great deal of thinking, and more so than
any of the other Lifepaths, they need quiet alone time in which to meditate and
contemplate. Basically a 7 is an introvert and prefers to be alone and they do tend to be
silent and aloof, they dislike the noisy confusion of crowds and do better in one on one
conversation. Hopefully he has other numbers in his chart which help to bring him out of
his inner shell which often is the case.

If you are searching for a soulful man who is different from all the others and do not
mind his eccentric ways, then this 7 guy might just be what you have been looking for.

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