About your Lifepath #1 Man

In this guy you have an abundance of strength and determination and he clearly is on his
way to the top. He has enough ambition for both of you and he will definitely succeed in
life.  He is brave and courageous and has no problem taking charge because he is a
natural born leader. There must be part of you that is attracted to someone who is strong
and protective because your 1 Lifepath Man will make you feel as though he is a safe
harbor in any storm. Girl, be aware he can  also be aggressive and he  hot-tempered so
consider yourself forewarned.

He is not particularly good at taking advice and you may be knocking your head against
the” proverbial wall “trying to convince him of anything he does not believe in. He isn’t
going to listen to you and he is going to do what he wants to do anyway.

He is quite an individual, not like the others and he has his own unique style. He isn’t
going to follow in anyone’s footsteps but would rather find his own way in life.

He has an athletic body and has a lot of energy so be prepared to keep up with him.

Talk about egos, he has a big one but don’t let the bravado fool you, he needs you to
occasionally tell him how wonderful he is. He doesn’t like dull or boring so keep it lively!

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