About your Lifepath #9 Man

Are you a damsel in distress? You may have found your savior here. He is the righter of
all wrongs and a champion for a good cause. To understand this guy, you have to
understand compassion. He genuinely desires to make this world a better place and
deeply feels the pain and suffering of the world.

The 9 has a charming personality which gives you the impression he is sympathetic,
understanding and warm. 9s are exceedingly well-liked and have an abundance of
charisma. Often, 9s are perceived as being downright magnetic. They speak well, are
gracious, and appear to be genuinely interested in you. They have the uncanny ability of
always saying the right thing at the right time. They have leadership skills and they tend
to set examples which impress and influence others.

Despite that glowing character description, 9s can be difficult to understand. They seem
to have two sides to their personality. At times the 9 can seem to be loving, caring,
involved and very giving of self, and at other times the 9 can appear aloof and cold
hearted and even selfish. Truth is a 9 can appear to be very moody, but then again this
is a highly emotional number. The word “drama queen” applies here.

Still, they are perfectionists and strive for excellence in everything they do, and
sometimes they are their own worst enemy because they expect so much of
themselves, the world and even you. They are learning lessons in tolerance,
forgiveness and acceptance in this lifetime and because of this, they struggle when it
comes to relationships, love and friendships. You may very well find that you are part of
that lesson. The good news is that no matter how bad your 9 behaves, he has the ability
to totally redeem himself and work his way back into your good graces.

If you have the dream of running away and volunteering for the Peace Corps, traveling
the world and making a real difference in people’s lives, this may very well be your life’s

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