About your Lifepath #11 Man

An 11 Lifepath is considered to be the Lifepath of a spiritual messenger. If your
man was born under this Lifepath Number, he is on a journey to learn his own
spiritual truth from life’s experiences; and then once learned, he will try to
enlighten others. An 11 can have very strong beliefs and ideals which they try to
share with the world. 11s are very intuitive, psychic even; and just like the 2
Lifepath, they are very sensitive. 11s tend to be very intelligent and creative and
quite unlike the 2, they revel in the spotlight and often become inspirational
leaders, artists or teachers.

11s can be very intense individuals, and often the term “electrifying” applies
here. Sometimes they can even have problems with their nerves because they
are a higher vibration.  Confidence is an issue that most 11s struggle with as
believing in themselves is difficult for them. They tend to be dreamers more than
doers. Being grounded and practical are not their best attributes.
Please also read Lifepath 2 because your 11 man has those qualities too.

About your Lifepath #22 Man

A 22 Lifepath is a Master Builder and has great potential when it comes to
building a dream for humanity. They are kind and patient leaders who can
handle any situation that comes along.  The 22 combines the sensitivity, intuition
and desire for harmony with the hard-working, disciplined and well-organized
energy of the 4. The 22 knows how to think big, solve the unsolvable and gets
the job done, all the while being practical and grounded in their thinking. 22s are
natural leaders with a great deal of creativity, and often they set big goals for
themselves. Their biggest problem is being overwhelmed by the sheer size and
scope of their goals.

Regardless, a 22 Lifepath has a great deal of potential to gain wealth as well as
power in their lifetime. Their work is not limited to the country they were born in,
but can be extended to an international scale. Often, their humanitarian
characteristics set the tone for the using their fortunes for the betterment of
Please also read Lifepath 4 because your 22 man has those qualities too.

About your Lifepath #33 Man

The 33 Lifepath is often compared to Christ energy, the epitome of
unconditional love. The love that comes from the heart of a 33 Lifepath
encompasses the world. A 33 Lifepath is considered to be the teacher of
teachers and it requires a great deal of personal sacrifice in order to achieve its
destiny. Their life sets an example of love and forgiveness for all to see. Truth,
justice, and love for all, is an integral part of their energy.

A 33 has passion and that very passion is directed to a cause that the 33 holds
near and dear to their heart. The 33 must have the courage of their convictions
and willingness to hold true to their dreams. There is a message in the life of a
33 which, in some fashion, teaches a lesson to humanity.

A person who undertakes the 33 Lifepath has tireless energy and a wonderful
ability to inspire others through the expression of their passion. They are natural
born leaders but sometimes end up being criticized, or even martyred, for who
they are or what they represent. Much is asked of them along the lines of duty
and responsibility and seldom is their hard work rewarded or even appreciated.
Still, all in all, their life’s work can end up being an immeasurable contribution to
Please also read Lifepath 6 because your 33 man has those qualities too.
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