About your Lifepath #4 Man

Your 4 Lifepath man is practical, down to earth, stable and hard-working. He is a good
provider. You can count on him for having and, best of all, keeping his job. His goal in
life is to build a solid financial future for himself and his family. He is honest, straight
forward, trustworthy and possesses all the qualities of a true blue Boy Scout. He is
reliable and dependable, so you can bet that he will do as he says. You can trust him.

He isn’t very imaginative in the romance department but the good news is that he is
faithful. He is frugal which is another way to say he is tight with his money so no
expensive jewelry here and he isn’t going to like it if you spend money like there is no
tomorrow.  He is a homebody and prefers a quiet night at home to going out on the
town. He likes things in order, is predictable and prefers sticking to a routine. Getting the

He lives by the rules and seldom breaks them and has a strong sense of right and
wrong. He will always pay the bills, never run out of gas on the highway and always
remember your anniversary.

In relationships, 4s are devoted husbands and parents and kind and considerate
partners. They love their home, family and community. Mama will definitely approve!

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