About your Lifepath #5 Man

No other way to put this, he is hot. The 5s of the world have this sensuous, earthy vibe
going for them and ladies are naturally attracted to them. 5s are dangerous, exciting and
always up for whatever comes their way. Be prepared for adventure and travel if you fall
in love with a 5, because your man is a free spirit.

The nature of the 5 is restless and they are extremely curious which propels them to
want to be part of everything. This guy is here to experience life and learn from his
experiences and is not one for settling down any time too soon, so you may end up
being his longtime girlfriend while you wait for him to place that diamond ring on your
hand. Be forewarned that his sensual nature can get him into a little trouble because for
the 5, variety is the spice of life. .

Oh, what a smooth talker he is and a quick thinker! He can make a peanut butter and
jelly sandwich sound like gourmet food.  One of his greatest talents is his ability to
communicate. He can talk a good game and say all the right things but you really should
pay close attention to what he does rather than what he says because actions speak
louder than words.

He has an upbeat personality and is just plain fun to be around. He is intelligent and
can talk about a wide range of subjects. He is an avid reader. He is unconventional and
this applies to every aspect of his life, from the way he dresses to how he thinks. You
had better be a flexible person if you decide to share your life with a 5. Change is
constant for him. If you want to marry a man who is safe and secure, this is not the guy
for you. He is a risk taker and most likely won’t settle into a stable, routine life. His love
style is hot and heavy; but to keep the flame burning, you have to keep him interested. If
you like surprises, this is your guy, but just remember, always give him his freedom.
Possessive girls need not apply.

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