About your Lifepath #8 Man

If you are the kind of woman who desires the finest things in life, you may have met Mr.
Right here. You can expect him to be loyal to you. He will not be overly sentimental or
romantic, but he does love you. He is more apt to show you that he loves you by giving
you material things rather than by nurturing you. It may be a bit of a trade-off. But like they
say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”

Most likely what attracted you to this guy was his expensive and impeccable taste in
clothes. Chances are, the car he is driving was a bonus. Let’s face it.  The 8s of the
world dress for success. He eludes confidence. He is a “go-getter”, ambitious enough
for both of you and driven to succeed.  The 8s of the world are on a fast track to the top,
and he has an abundance of talent in knowing how to get the job done. He is a visionary
with excellent managerial skills. He is self-disciplined and has no problems putting in
the time and effort to build a great career. He is competitive and truly judges his self-
worth based upon his achievements in life.

Not all 8 Lifepaths achieve power and material rewards. They either are great
successes or great failures and nothing in between. Regardless of either outcome, the
8 Lifepath is usually intermingled with its fair share of ups and downs. With sheer
determination and hard work, an 8 can overcome any obstacle. It is the number of the

If successful, his career will always come first, so be prepared to come second in the
scheme of things. Out of all the Lifepath numbers, this guy has the greatest potential to
become a workaholic.  You may end up spending many a night eating dinner alone in
your fabulously furnished home while he works late at the office.

I did mention that he was driven to succeed, right ?  I guess you will have to deal with it
but the good news is unlimited credit cards and shopping sprees. Prada anyone?

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